Monday, September 19, 2005

Turning away from fuel

An interesting article in The Boston Globe about people seeking alternative means of transportation and finding other ways to spend less money on gas and less time driving.
By bicycle, by scooter, by train, by foot, by strategies large and small, more and more fed-up motorists are forsaking their vehicles and exploring ways to avoid being guzzled by gas.
Imagine that-- when prices are not kept artificially low, people are more willing to consider alternatives! Now, if we could only get the prices to reflect the externalities of the environmental impact of fossil fuels and the driving lifestyle...


At 9/20/2005 06:54:00 PM, Blogger gwadzilla said...

let the gas prices rise....

the only problem

if less people drive
those who do drive get rewarded with less cars on the road
for many... the higher prices at the pump are not an issue


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