Saturday, August 06, 2005

Hills, rain, and fog

Argentia to St. Bride's

So it begins: we set foot on Newfoundland today. We arrived disembarked the ferry at Argentia, said good-bye to our traveling companions, and took off. People kept talking about the big hill leaving the ferry terminal, but that wasn't so bad. What was bad were practically all the hills that followed. The road from Argentia to St. Bride goes from one cove to another, so it's up and down over and over. Both Knox and I had to push our bikes up a few of those hills.

To make matters worse, the weather did not cooperate: it was foggy all day, particularly on the hills. There's nothing like laboring uphill into a fog bank, not being able to see five feet in front of you, and then careening downhill equally blind. Moreover, what started out as a light mist, calling for my light jacket, turned into heavy rain at times. We were both soaked.

Less than ideal conditions for biking, to be sure, but they made for an even more dramatic view from the road. Not even a full day here and already we're in love with Newfoundland!

We stopped for breakfast in Placentia, a lovely little town with a boardwalk and a drawbridge, and decided to spend the night in St. Bride's in an efficiency unit at the Capeway Motel, an impeccably clean little establishment.

Distance:27.21 mi
Pedal time:2:32:35
Average speed:11.24 mi/hr
Maximum speed:30.7 mi/hr
(back-dated entry)


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