Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Awed by Newfoundland

I'm here at the Irish Loop Coffee House in Witless Bay, Newfoundland, on a slow dial-up Internet connection. It's been hard to get Internet or cell phone access--- and Newfoundland is keeping us quite busy.

In the few days we've been here we've encountered fog and rain and steep hills(our first day coming in from the ferry), sunshine and flat bogs (since then, mostly), and native hospitality (a family invited us in for breakfast at Branch). Breathtaking views everywhere! We've been to Cape St. Mary's, a bird sanctuary on the cliffs where migratory birds nest; truly a memorable site. The towns that appear on the map are often no more than a few houses; we count ourselves lucky if there are convenience stores or restaurants.

Right now we've finished cutting across to the Eastern side of the Avalon Peninsula. We plan to camp at La Manche Provincial Park for a couple of nights, before heading north to St. John's, which promises to be the big city around here where we should be able to tune our bikes, do some laundry, and maybe blog a bit more.

More updates to follow when we get more, faster Internet access (St. John's, I would think.)


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