Saturday, July 30, 2005

Lobster, ice cream, and Hamlet

I'm trying to get as much riding in as I can to prepare for the Newfoundland trip. Unfortunately, given all the other stuff in my life that I "need" to do (you know, like work, errands, and such), my training has consisted solely of biking the 30 miles round trip to work everyday. Today, though, I did manage to get an extra ride in. Karl had emailed me earlier in the week wondering how my training and new bike were coming along, and asking me whether I'd like to join him for a "Lobster Ride" of Cape Anne. I jumped at the chance: I think going on a tour with other people can often make it a lot more fun, and I'd been desparing about getting any of my friends to join me. We drove to Manchester-by-the-sea, and from there biked through Gloucester ("Gloustah" to you) to Rockport: me in my shiny new, halfway set-up Trek 520, Karl on his recumbent. The ride was perfect--- much easier than months ago when I tried it on my old bike with Knox. The weather was sunny, gorgeous. Once in Rockport, we stopped for freshly-boiled lobster and ice cream, before pedaling around the peninsula back to Gloucester. The evening turned out just as perfect: after droppping the bike off at the shop, I met up with Bill to have a picnic dinner on the Common and watch the Commonwealth Shakespeare Company's Shakespeare in the Park production of Hamlet. It was excellent!


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